Gabriela Skerlj

Mindful  postural training.

I welcome you on a journey of transformation!
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Global mission

The rhythm of life forces us to be conscious of ourselves. We are the true form of the universe.

Living healthy is living full of light - a light that radiates inside us, expanding our inner beauty. 

A mystery that reveals to us that we are unique, divine beings.

We are the masters of our destiny - a path in constant movement, fluctuating and pulsing. 

I feel like a part of it, and with my heart, body and mind I teach the best medicine.



Gabriela Skerlj


Connection. Interconnection. Transformation.

Fall in love with the process and the results will come.

Mary Caroline Richards 


Mula Mantra

OM Sat - Chit- Ananda Prabrahma

Purushottama Pramatma

Shri Bhagavati Sameta

Shri Bhagavate Namaha