Change is a door that can only be opened from within.
OCT 06 to NOV 12

3 Series

12 sessions

6 weeks

Spain: 7pm

Peru: 12pm

Argentina: 2pm

Uruguay: 2pm



Body Mind Evolution is a 12-session movement program to cultivate lightness,  and help you on your step-by-step journey of how to get the results you are looking for.

It is the way to allow the results of your practice to manifest all your human potential, to find happiness within the being until the universal.

It is important to know that the body is a whole and an integrated system.

If we understand our peculiar imbalances we can understand ourselves more deeply and learn to take the necessary measures to regain balance and harmony in our lives.  

Each practice brings us closer to our true nature and to experience that we can all change regardless of age or condition. It helps us to live our true potential by becoming an essential part of our spiritual evolution and growth.

This program offers insight into these foundational principles and the need for transformation to support the experience toward ultimate freedom and awareness.

Philosophy will become the energy that motivates us and gives meaning to the movement to unite on a common path.

Body - Mind Evolution is a journey into the deepest sense of oneself and sets in motion a real and positive personal transformation.

We meet there!  



Series 1

Wednesday 10/6 - Opening

Friday 8/10.

Wednesday 10/13.

Friday 10/15.

We begin to mobilize the whole body in a conscious flow to awaken creativity and feel the yin yang opposites in your body, mind and heart.



Series 2

Wednesday  10/20.

Friday 10/22.

Wednesday 10/27.

Friday 10/29.

The challenging time has come to experience movement through play.

In this series we go to the wall, we use blocks, tapes, cushions, bolster or whatever you have at home.



Series 3

Wednesday 03/11.

Friday 11/05.

Wednesday 10/11.

Friday 11/12 - End of the cycle.

In these sessions, healing and restorative await us to feel the connection in our bodies, bring awareness of the breath and meditation listening to all the sensations that emerge.

Oct 05, 7:00 PM GMT+2
Online Event - Zoom Platform
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As many know me, my name is Gabriela Skerlj I am certified in the Bowspring methodology.

I studied with Desi Springer and John Friend throughout these 7 years in different countries and different trainings.

My intention is to share with you my experience and an invitation to amplify your knowledge of yourself.

In my classes I like to feel the energetic connection and that you feel the freedom to connect with yourself.

Teach from the humility of the heart always remembering that we are all students, together we investigate how to walk towards optimal health and happiness.


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