Mindful postural training

The Bowspring methodology was created by Desi Springer and John Friend. It was a radical paradigm shift in 2013.

The Bowspring is a posture template that is universally applicable to any functional exercise for optimal performance, it is for people of all ages and physical condition.

It is an alignment that maintains the naturalness of the natural curves of the body allowing enormous benefits  providing lightness, agility, strength and awareness.
A practice where jumps benefit us through connective tissue, spirals, balances and postures that challenge any practitioner.

It is a dynamic practice, with a revitalizing presence.

The Bowspring alignment is an open posture that allows optimal flow of life force and psycho-emotional energy in the body and mind.

A practice of refined sensitivity and strength that awakens and connects ten key areas of the body.

Bowspring is a methodology for the evolution of movement, it is a specific recipe, a balanced posture that creates a uniform tone throughout the body providing lightness and strength.

Movement is represented with a dynamic biomechanical technique.

Biomechanics means the interplay of forces throughout the body in a way that efficiently relates components to each other, naturally creating powerful movement.

Connective tissue (FASCIA) is a network that connects and sustains us by connecting the whole body.

In physical activities, the Fascia promotes an outstanding jump function with a great spring effect where the whole body collaborates to create an integrating function with optimal performance for movement.

With this balanced and dynamic posture, the breath can move freely without inhibitions which brings vitality and energetic freedom.