My story

My name is Gabriela, I am certified in the Bowspring methodology.

I am a Yoga teacher and my specialty is teaching movement through conscious postural training, integrating breathing, mindfulness and philosophy.

Share and teach new ways of taking practice from the mat into everyday life.

I am from Uruguay, in the year 2000 my first encounter with Mallorca arose, I practiced yoga and I decided to deepen with greater dedication by training 200 RTY Yoga Alliance America.

It was in 2014 I attended the Bowspring presentation in Malaga and I met its creators Desi Springer and John Friend, there I felt a latent openness at all levels.

It was that same opening that led me to continue delving into this new paradigm with its creators on their tours of Europe, Japan and the United States.

I continue to this moment studying and deepening what the life of the yogi of the XXI century is like.


Practice for me means feeling it and living it from personal experience to cultivate a fuller consciousness every day, a natural process where we find a new place in the body and mind.

I have developed Programs that combine fitness, nutrition, and various aspects to complement a new lifestyle.

In 2020 I opened my Virtual Studio adapting the teaching to a new online teaching modality. 

I feel like a student of life and I love being one, always being open to being surprised by life.

I trust and feel that each human being is unique and unrepeatable, with their unique way of communicating and perceiving their exterior.

In my classes I like to feel the energetic connection with the students and that they can feel the freedom and connect with their interior.

Teach from the humility of the heart, always remembering that we are all students, together we investigate how to walk towards optimal health and happiness.

I feel like a missionary who shares her knowledge and the message that we can all heal.

Join me in this discovery!