Who am I?

My name is Gabriela Skerlj and I have a great passion for teaching.

I love the magic of life! I believe in energy and that we are what we want and we attract what we are!

I teach classes on the body-mind methodology called Bowspring.

I believe in opportunity and luck, but above all I believe in the destiny that we choose to be.

I apply the knowledge of the methodology from personal experience and cultivate a fuller awareness every day. I feel the practice as a natural process where we find a new place in the body and mind.

I have developed programs that combine fitness, nutrition, and various aspects to complement a new lifestyle.

I teach the philosophy of body - mind - heart union.

I feel like a student of life and I love being one, always being open to being surprised by life.

He trusted and I feel that each human being is unique and unrepeatable, with his singular way of communicating and perceiving his exterior.

In my classes I like to feel the energetic connection with the students and that they can feel the freedom and connect with their interior.

Teach from the humility of the heart always remembering that we are all students, together we investigate how to walk towards optimal health and happiness.