Who am I?

My name is Gabriela Skerlj and I'm extremely passionate about teaching.

I love life's magic! I believe in energy and its attraction, and that we can be what we want to be.

I teach a new mind-body method called Bowspring.

I believe in opportunities and fortune, but I especially believe that we choose our own destiny.

I apply knowledge of this method through personal experience and I cultivate a fuller conscious every day. 

I see the practice of Bowspring as a natural process through which we can discover new places in both body and mind. I've developed programs that combine physical conditioning, nutrition and other aspects which complement this new style of life. I teach the philosophy of the union of the body, mind and heart.

I consider myself a student of life and I love always being open to the surprises life brings me.

I'm confident that every human being is unique, especially in our way to communicate and understand our surroundings. 

During my classes, I enjoy feeling the energy connection with the students, and I want them to feel free and to be able to connect with themselves.

Teaching with a humble heart, I always remember that we are all students learning together how to find the path to happiness and optimal health.