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Bowspring Universe 

Bowspring Universe is a subscription channel to promote a more positive style and philosophy of life where responsibility, mindfulness and compassion are the fundamental pillars.
Content for all levels and for anyone who has a true value for their health.

The focus is mainly on those people who want to practice at home and are looking for a better mind-body balance.

The focus is mainly on those who want to practice at home and are looking for a better mind-body balance.


✔ Level 1 - We became familiar with the 10 key areas.
✔ Intermediate level - We immerse ourselves in the process.
✔ Level 2 - Introduction to Level 2 - Roots practice (The Roots) - Flow practice.
✔ Conscious postural training.
✔ Dynamic training.
✔ Therapeutic level - Self massage, mindfulness practices, morning practices and more!
✔ Breathing - Exploration of the different techniques.
✔ Meditation to guide you in your practice with love and sensitivity.


Now you can practice at home or wherever you are!

Monthly membership gives you unlimited access to our complete library of prerecorded classes and content!


My channel wants to be a Universe to cultivate a bright and conscious attitude while learning basic and functional movements.


First month of subscription 50% off
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Cecilia, Uruguay

It's great to practice anywhere, anytime. I met Bowspring with Gabriela and I thank her for being a great teacher.

Carla, Spain

I'm an athlete and right now training in my spare time is the most important thing for me. Thank you Gabi for this endeavor.

Lea, Switzerland

I met Gabriela at a workshop in Switzerland and I am happy to find your teachings on a platform that I can combine with my work.

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